With over 20 years of experience of these Founders, DELTACOM designs and builds energy and information networks and systems for local authorities, industry and tertiary.

Located mainly in the Ile-de-France, DELTACOM is also present in Marseille, Montpellier, Lille, Nantes and Lyon.

The concern for quality and rigor in project management, allow us to bring our customers a tailored response for each project, by giving particular reagents and listening to their needs.
This guarantee of quality is rewarded by the loyalty of our customers.

Our Team
Founder / Commercial Manager

Telecommunications Project Manager

Favorite quote


"If you can, be first. If you can not create a new niche in which you can be first. "

Favorite quote

"For me, the most important person is the customer. Everything we do is for him. "

IT Department Manager

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"There is no advertising as powerful as a good reputation travels quickly. "

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